What is MASA ?

MASA CMS is an Enterprise Content Management platform based on open source technology. MASA CMS allows you, quickly and efficiently, to deliver personalised internet and intranet sites and mobile applications. It allows for easy deployment on your infrastructure of choice (AWS, GCP, Azure, own hardware). MASA CMS is ideally suited to organisations looking to be compliant with privacy laws such as GDPR.

The roots of MASA CMS lie in the last version of MuraTM CMS which was available as open source.


We truly believe that something that was great deserves to be continued for you - the community. The roots of MASA CMS lie in the last version of the well known MuraTM CMS that was available for many years as open source software. MuraTM CMS is now proprietary software and we - being a consortium of long term supporters of the platform and of open source - decided to fork the open source version and continue to make it available to everyone.


Like the quote from the famous TV show the A-Team “I love it when a plan comes together!” Over the past months we worked on creating the first public release of MASA CMS. Going forward we will be working on fixing known bugs, providing security patches and delivering continuous performance improvements. On top of this we will actively work on releasing a new public roadmap that listens to the community.

We aim for multiple releases a year. Security and bug fixes will be done continuously.

Lift off
We've launched MASA CMS!

So we’ve done the first part: we created an initial version of the platform under the new name. You can go and get it now! Even better - you can replace your previous version of MuraTM with MASA and you are good to go - find out how.

Building a strong base

Over the past few months we've introduced a new file browser, improved the admin interface for editing content (v7.3), added multiple new front end modules (v7.4), updated the default theme to Bootstrap 5, released multiple plugins and much more! We will continue to do this to further clean up the code, remove redundant and other deprecated code.

Room for more?
Cool new features

We will be launching cool new integrations to support you in dealing with matters like 1st and 3rd party data tracking. 

The future
The moon, Alice & beyond!

So what is next? Well that depends on two things: what is the community looking for? Let us know what you think should be on the roadmap! Do you have a great plugin to share with the community let us know as well. We will also be working on releasing a variety of plugins that allow for integrations with tools for marketing automation and personalization, analytics, etc.