MASA is one of the easiest and most powerful Content Management and Digital Experience Platforms in the world. It frees content contributors to focus on what they do best — work with content and connect with users — in an intuitive, straightforward manner, without needing to call the IT team.


MASA CMS is a headless CMS that enables both marketers and developers to publish engaging online content across a variety of online channels. 

Content Management
WYSIWYG Editor & Drag 'n Drop

Developers and marketers alike, love our editor. Bring your content to life fasters. Effortlessly integrate with a variety of front end frameworks and applications. Seamless markup integration and UI Customization create a predictable editing experience.

Content modelling
Customizable to support business specific requirements

Content types are like templates for your content. Content types are made up of a variety of properties and completely configurable to the requirements of the business. 

Approval chains & Change sets

Approval chains are collections of pre-defined publishing workflows where content must be approved by specified user groups, in a specific order, before the content is considered "live" and available for viewing on the public-facing side of your site.

For many organizations, teams responsible for managing content may be somewhat small, consisting of only a few people. However, they are typically responsible for reviewing and editing work from a much larger group of content contributors. Using a workflow that includes approval chains streamlines how and when publishing tasks happen, making everyone's job cleaner and much easier.

API's, Environments and Cloud vs. OnPremises

Build and update application code safely with content, models, and configurations isolated from your production environment. API's let you perform actions programmatically: retrieving content, updating workflows and updateing of content models. Masa CMS can easily be deployed on popular cloud platforms like AWS, Azure and Google or own OnPremise infrastructures.