Good documentation makes sense. In the coming months we will be working on releasing a new set of documentation for the MASA CMS. At the moment we would like to refer you to the MuraTM CMS documentation for version 7.1

If you want to help with the documentation let us know by filling out the contact form

Before you go...

While we are preparing our own docs, we are directing you to the MuraTM CMS v7.1 documentation, which is fully compatible with Masa v7.2. However, we are not in any way affiliated with MuraTM CMS, or Mura Software, nor are we intending to take any credit for the documentation.

We should have our own set of docs ready very soon.


So how do I upgrade to MASA CMS? We kept it simple and straightforward, as follows:

  • Go to your settings.ini.cfm file
  • Update the property autoupdateurl to point to:
  • Reload MuraTM using the 'Reload Application' option in the left menu to pick up the new setting
  • Use the MuraTM 'Update core' function
  • Enjoy MASA CMS!